Little Miss Cake Maker

Last month I met the amazing Little Miss Cake Maker based in Swindon whose unique and fun idea captivated me instantly! I couldn’t resist asking Samantha, who came up with the idea, some questions!

Little Miss Cake Maker wedding cakes with a difference

Your wedding cakes are so unique, it’s such a great idea – what inspired you to make them?

I’ve always been creative and love creating quirky things – when I couldn’t find a full time job after uni I enrolled on a sugar craft course and discovered a new creative outlet. I didn’t make use of my new skills properly for a while, but started baking more when I worked in an office & then began my baking blog which eventually evolved into Little Miss Cake Maker.

Little Miss Cake Maker wedding cakes - the team

How long does it take to make them and do you use special equipment to get the image on the icing?

Now that I’m used to baking large amounts and on a regular basis, making cupcakes is literally a piece of cake to me. I have made up to 500 cupcakes in one day, but a more usual amount is around 250 in a single day. I have a desktop printer for the edible printing, which prints using edible ink and icing sheets. So anything you can print on paper, I can print onto cakes. There’s an element of handiwork involved to make the cakes look lovely, and embellishments can be added such as fondant flowers, hearts, edible pearls and beads etc.

Little Miss Cake Maker wedding cakes with a difference - branded cupcakes

Bespoke wedding cupcakes

Can couples have a different photo on each cake?

Absolutely – in my corporate cupcakes I always encourage businesses to give them a personal touch. When they’re gifts for clients, why not have their name on them along with the business logo? The same goes for weddings. You can have as many different images on the cakes as you wish. That’s the beauty of cupcakes – they’re super versatile and you can essentially make every cupcake different if you wanted. Photos, names, dates – anything can be printed on them to mark the occasion.

Little Miss Cake Maker wedding cakes - personalised wedding cakes

How long in advance of the wedding day should couples book you for the cakes?

My cupcake orders go through my interactive online shop so I actually take orders up to 3 days ahead of the event. It’s unusual for a wedding to be arranged at such short notice, however, with it is possible to order customised cakes quickly. I take orders up to a year in advance, so the window really is anywhere in between. My checkout section on the website lets you select the exact date before you order (and shows you the exact price).

Little Miss Cake Maker wedding cakes with a difference - personalised cupcakes


How much should the couple budget for per cake?

With cupcakes it’s incredibly easy to see the cost per guest. Depending on the quantity you order it will vary between £2.50 and £1.50 per cupcake. It’s up to you if you’d like one cupcake per person or double them up as wedding favours for guests to take home. The designs can be varied so your ‘favour’ cakes don’t have to be identical to the others. You could have ‘thank you’ messages printed on them etc.

What’s been your favourite cakes so far?

I always get excited about cupcakes I make for business rebrands. Usually I’m the first person to sneak a peek of the new logo and it’s always top secret! Being part of a new business launch is always fun. It’s nice to feel I’ve helped to strengthen a business in a “cakey” way.

Little Miss Cake Maker wedding cakes

Future of Little Miss Cake Maker

What are your plans for Little Miss Cake Maker in the future?

My plans for Little Miss Cake Maker are to build on what I’ve started in Swindon. I’d love to become particularly known in the wedding sector for my photo topped cupcakes. I’m then aiming to branch out and start catering for a wider area. I’m looking at covering most of the South first and then working my way up the country. Little Miss Cake Maker has so much potential and could work as a franchise model. There’s really unlimited scope for how big the brand could end up. My aim is simply to make the world a “cakier” place. It’s always been my intention to make it easier for people to order cakes and bring the cake industry into the modern world.

Thank you so much Samantha from Little Miss Cake Maker – we’ve loved the insight into these amazing cakes. To contact Samantha call 07877 259142 or email [email protected]


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