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We met Emily from Emily Fermor Wedding Jewellery, at the Oxfordshire Wedding Project and immediately loved her extra special jewellery designs!

The great thing about networking is helping each other out and so we created a promotional video for Emily and she in turn is promoting us. Mel from Vivacious Mel Photography, who we met at a local wedding fair also offered to help and took some beautiful photographs of Emily and her jewellery, one can be seen below!

As always, we love to learn about unique wedding suppliers so we asked Emily some questions too!

Emily Fermor logo - wedding jewellery based in Oxfordshire

When did you start making jewellery and what inspired you to start Emily Fermor Wedding Jewellery as a business?

I started making Jewellery as an apprentice nearly 10 years ago. Working for a Jeweller on Saturdays since doing work experience with her aged 15. I really enjoyed working with my hands. She must have seen talent of some sort and offered me a full time apprenticeship (with no college, just on the job) when I came out of sixth form.

Emily from Emily Fermor Jewellery - photography thanks to Vivacious Mel Photography

I started making my own pieces 4 years ago, mainly for family and playing around with my own designs. When my job was made redundant in October 2014, it was the much needed ‘push’ in the right direction! I decided to go for it, and booked nearly every weekend leading to that Christmas to start getting my name out there!

How long does it take to make a piece, for example a necklace, from design to delivering it to a customer?

Timescales vary from piece to piece, it depends on the amount of work and technicality involved too! Generally I like to make pieces in stages, so the customer is part of the designing process with me. They can see it when it is still in separate pieces so it can be viewed and if necessary changed at this stage still. The general process can take 4-6 weeks, however, they can take longer at certain times of the year.

What’s been your favourite piece to work on and why?

I love remodelling pieces for customers. This normally means they have sentimental connection to the material and/or Gemstones and Diamonds. It feels like such an honour to be part of this. People really have to put their trust in me to re-design material with real sentimental value. I love seeing their face when the finished piece is presented to them, they light up and can reminisce about who used to wear the material in its’ previous form. However, now it is updated to something contemporary that they want to wear and no longer has a traditional look that they would leave in a safe or drawer.

Emily Fermor necklaces from Emily Fermor wedding jewellery. Photography by Veiled ProductionsIf a couple would like you to design their wedding rings what should they do?

Some couples want to have rings that are different to what you can just go and buy ‘off the shelf’. It is definitely another favourite of mine; to sit down with a couple and see exactly what they want for their wedding rings. It really can be anything. Sometimes couples have designs in mind that they just can’t find elsewhere, or they jut don’t feel happy with anything else they have seen.

I have an initial meeting with the couple, with no obligation. We discuss what they would like and what ring size they are. With these details I then work out quotations for different options. Most of the time it’s different precious metals so they have options to decide from.

Once they have decided on initial material, I take a small deposit and make the first stage for the couple to try on for ringsize and dimensions of the ring. At this stage they can be changed. Then, if there is more detail this can be done, and the rings can go off to be hallmarked. Then the best part – they are ready for collection!

Emily Fermor wedding Jewellery - wedding-rings - photography by Veiled ProductionsAre you attending any wedding fairs where couples could meet you?

I will be attending many wedding fairs in 2016, all can be found on my website www.jewelsfromem.co.uk. I have many Guides for Brides fairs as well as other local Wedding Fairs in Oxfordshire.

Emily Fermor wedding Jewellery - necklaces - photography by Veiled ProductionsWhat’s the best way of contacting you?

I can be contacted by phone 01295 811125, or by email [email protected], twitter or Facebook

Thanks Emily Fermor Jewellery, we have loved learning about you and your brilliant business based in Oxfordshire.



  1. Keith Fermot
    3rd December 2015 / 3:54 pm

    What a marvelous piece of marketing and publicity material! I loved the short video on making. So nice to see some of the wonderful jewelry that Emily had and is making. And a sumptuous picture of ‘herself’!!! Thank you from a very proud dad.

  2. rachel vine
    3rd December 2015 / 5:14 pm

    You’re welcome Keith, so glad you like it! It’s been great working with Emily 😀

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