Beanie’s Bunting – unique bunting made from pages of books!

We got chatting to Beanie’s Bunting during #weddinghour on Twitter a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love their idea of making unique bunting out of pages from books! Of course we asked if they would like to be featured on our blog as we love promoting unique, creative ideas! Thank you to Alice for agreeing 🙂 and sending some fabulous photos too.

Unique wedding decorations

We love your idea of creating bunting out of old books! How did you come up with it?

I’ve always had a very keen passion for sewing and reading. Ever since I was young I would collect heaps of books and read them to my heart’s content. However, eventually you grow out of your childhood books as you make room for newly loved fictions and fantasies.

Wedding bunting made from books - handmade by Beanies Bunting

When bunting came back into style I made copious amounts of it. I decided to experiment using books that I had read and no longer needed. I spent hours sat down at the sewing table working on ways to combine fabric and paper to make beautiful, sentimental garlands of book bunting and that is where my little business Beanie’s Bunting came to life. Beanie’s Bunting makes lovely gifts and decorations for any event and is a perfect keepsake of the event it was made for.

There is a lovely quote I came across which says:

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”

I believe that this applies to sentimental gifts. The bunting I make takes time and effort. I recreate a book into something which can be admired and cherished as a gift from a loved one. What better way to make your wedding personal and intimate than to decorate a venue with garlands of bunting unique to both the bride and groom made using favourite all time classics close to both their hearts.

Unique wedding bunting made from books - created by Beanies Bunting

How this special bunting is made

What is the bunting made out of? How do you avoid pages tearing?

The bunting is made using the pages from old books and then it is backed with interlining which gives it weight but also adds and very soft, delicate feel to the flags and prevents them from tearing.

What’s been your favourite bunting so far?

My favourite bunting so far has to be my ladybird series collection. The illustrations in these books are stunning and they look gorgeous finished with vivid colours of bias binding. It is actually this collection that got me my first ever commission order for a wedding. The 40 metres of commissioned bunting was made from a trio of ladybird books: butterflies, moths and other insects, garden flowers and British wild flowers. Their Beanie’s Bunting made the perfect addition to the bride and groom’s garden themed wedding.

Unique bunting for wedding decorations made from Ladybird Books by Beanies Bunting

Do couples need to provide the books or do you source those?

Either option works for me, usually I source and supply the books but sometimes it’s more cost effective for the customer to supply the books themselves in which case that is perfectly fine.


How much does it cost per metre approximately?

Book Bunting costs ÂŁ5 per metre if I supply the books and ÂŁ4 a metre if the customer sends me the books; I usually sell pre made bunting in lengths of 2 metres at craft fairs and to the public.

Can couples personalise the bunting?

The only personalisation that I offer is a choice of bias binding and thread and then book choice. However, I have made photo bunting for previous customers which is perfect for parties, weddings and as sentimental gifts. The photo bunting is made using the same technique as book bunting, however the “flags” are rectangular and square as it is difficult to cut these into triangular flags. Never the less they still look as effective as the traditional triangles. With the photo bunting, the customers send me the pictures through the post. I recommend that they are reprints of photos (not originals) as I will have to stitch them onto fabric. As a result they aren’t able to be taken off and put into a frame.

Unique bunting made from pages of books and personal photos by Beanies Bunting

Photo bunting costs

Photo bunting cots ÂŁ4 per metre but it is perfect for the bride and groom that is drawing together years of love into one day and what better way to do this than to hang garlands of photos that display to your guests the love you both share and the journey you have taken to reach your wedding day.

What’s the best way for couples to contact you?

The best way for couples to contact me is through my email: [email protected]. I also have Facebook and Twitter so if they prefer they can send me a direct message through those.


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