Rocks and Frocks - Cambridgeshire Wedding Planners help and advice

Rocks and Frocks – Cambridgeshire Wedding Planners

12th January 2018 Veiled Productions

Rocks and Frocks – Cambridgeshire Wedding Planners

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In the past year we have got to know some fabulous local suppliers and we were lucky enough to sit next to Dom and Vanessa from Rocks and Frocks – Cambridgeshire Wedding Planners at the Four Counties Wedding Awards last year. They are one of our favourite local wedding planners as they are so lovely and go above and beyond to make sure each one of their couples has the day they dreamed of.

We’ve picked their brains about wedding planning and how they can help. Thank you Rocks and Frocks for your brilliant insight.

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For people who know nothing about planning a wedding, what parts of the planning can you help them with?

As a professional planner we offer a range of services from full planing, partial planning or just on the day management, the first thing we will do is arrange to meet, call or Skype a prospective client to discuss where they are at and what they need in terms of assistance, this allows us to advise the level of service they need and only quote for the help they want. Every wedding and couple are different and we prefer to cater our service to the individual needs of each client. For full planning we start right at the basics of how much we think their overall budget will be given the type of wedding that they wish to achieve, venue locations, styling ideas, sourcing and supply of suppliers essentially we can do as much or as little as the couple need throughout the whole journey.

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We’ve often heard couples say they feel overwhelmed with the planning but they are worried about a wedding planner because they want to be fully involved. What advice do you have for them?

Us too, often our couples engage us when they have already started their planning journey and they perhaps have a date and a venue and perhaps a key supplier such as a photographer but everything then suddenly gets very real and often quite daunting. Our job is not to take control but to take the stress away, think of it as having your own personal PA just for your wedmin.  We work in a way that keeps our couple engaged and in control of the process – design and decisions are a collaboration leaving the couple to enjoy the viewing of venues, the cake tasting, the choosing of live bands etc whilst we do the sourcing of the best suppliers to suit the brief and the negotiations of the contracts to ensure that every single person involved in the big day knows exactly where they should be and when and what they should be doing.

Budget is often a major factor when planning a wedding, what would you suggest to help clients stick to their budget?

First off be realistic about your budget and count for everything, this is where a planner can really help, most couples get a grasp very quickly of their venue fees and dress costs but often budgets slip with small details being forgotten such as an extra groomsmen suit hire cost, flowers for mum or minor changes in guest numbers – we have complex calculators that can tell a couple straight away exactly how much their overall budget will increase by adding long lost uncle Bob, his wife and four children to the guest list.  Importantly we also use our experience to make sure that the overall budget is well spent and that the right money is spent at the right time in the right place.  

We recently had a client attempt to decline the cost of a freezer hire instead insisting that he would simply have the ice delivered the day before, we had to point out that it was mid summer and ice isn’t going to last very long in the middle of a field on a hot summers day.

Do you attend the wedding day as part of your planning services?

Absolutely – can you imagine planning everything then not being there to make sure it all works out?  The day itself can be the busiest time for myself and my team, we provide the couple and all suppliers with a full itinerary of events and timings along with key emergency contacts. This came in handy at a recent wedding where the cake delivery was unavoidably delayed for several hours due to a traffic accident, we were able to call them when they didn’t meet their delivery slot on the itinerary to find out what had happened and we were able to give them an alternative route so that the cake made it with seconds to spare (even if we did have to bring it into the venue via the neighbours field and the back door of the barn so as to avoid the guests seeing it!).   If we hadn’t been there to manage this scenario the family would have been pulled from enjoying the reception celebrations to take phone calls and would have had the stress of ‘what happens if it doesn’t get here’ – as it happens the bride and none of the family knew anything about it and assumed the day had all gone to plan!

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What’s been your favourite wedding you’ve planned to date?

All of our weddings are fantastic and it is such a privilege to be involved with each and every one so its difficult to pick one specific wedding.   We do however have some favourite moments from many weddings last year, these include serving reception drinks to guests in swimwear as we had organised a hot tub bus for a festival themed wedding, a Groom was surprised by his Bride with his all time favourite car, a 1965 Shelby Mustang and we also had a Tuk Tuk complete with Bollywood styling and music ferrying our couple via what felt like a rally car section across fields to their wedding reception which was located on a private airfield which had planes taxi’ing past during the drinks reception as they either headed for take off or came in to land!

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For those thinking about a planner but aren’t sure they can afford it, how much would you advise they budget for planning services?

With the typical wedding costing in excess of £25,000 and often closer to £30,000-£60,000 thats a large investment for anybody, would you spend that money on a car and not insure it?  Hopefully not, in that respect our services although often thought of as a luxury are really almost an essential.  Our fees for our full planning service start at £4,000 however if all you need is some help on the day our fees start from £850.

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What’s the best way for couples to contact you about their wedding?

Any way they feel comfortable, everyone is different and we understand that.

You might not be sure if we are right for you but please do drop us a line, you can call us on 01480 472085 , send a text/WhatsApp 07595 986476 , email or simply use our ‘contact us’ form if you prefer on our website.

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