Where do I start with wedding planning? Wedding planning advice by Engage Weddings trusted suppliers

There are so many things to think about when you’ve just got engaged. We’ve got lots of wedding planning advice from the Q&A session at the Engage Weddings wedding planning party.

Where do I start with wedding planning? Advice from the Engage Weddings wedding planning party.

We live and breath weddings, some might call it a bit obsessed, and having worked with so many couples we’ve picked up some hints along the way. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry it’s totally normal. Start thinking about the following ideas and it will begin to feel very exciting!

A theme or style

I always suggest thinking about the style of wedding you’d like or the theme you’d like. Like I said on the night of the wedding planning party, knowing vaguely what style you’d like will help you decide on the venue and other suppliers further down the line. We’ve so many styles over the years. From an elegant spring wedding in Richmond Park to a Harry Potter themed wedding. You can choose whatever you’d like for your day!  Since the wedding planning party, we’ve written a post on what to look for when choosing a venue too. There are lots of considerations!

Best timings for your wedding day if spending time with your guests is most important to you. Jamie and Alex and all their guests. Photography and videography by Veiled Productions

For example, I love having the photo of everyone taken from a first floor window or a balcony. No-one is able to hide then! When you look back on the photos for years to come you will be able to see everyone who attended.


Booking a venue is definitely what you should start with once you’ve chosen a style or theme for your wedding day. Once you’ve decided whether you’d like a small, intimate, rustic wedding or a luxurious, grand, wow-factor wedding you’ll know whether a venue is right for you. You will be able to ask what dates they have available and check if it fits with your budget too. Then you can prioritise other elements of your day.

Pinterest is great for wedding style and theme inspiration. Bridebook is, in our opinion, the best app for planning your wedding too – with everything in one place and loads of useful tools!

Engage weddings wedding planning party

Thank you so much to Becca from Engage Weddings for having us at the wedding planning party. We loved every minute of it!



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