Should I bother with wedding insurance? Wedding planning advice by Engage Weddings trusted suppliers

Wedding day insurance should be a priority for you, as you never know what might happen. We shared our thoughts, alongside Sophie from SA Floristry, about the importance of wedding insurance during the Q&A session at the last Engage Weddings wedding planning party.

There are so many things to think about when you’ve just got engaged. Wedding insurance may not be something you immediately think of.

As Sophie says some things are beyond your control! A freak storm, illness, traffic disruption could all affect your wedding day. You never know what might happen. Covering yourselves against some of these possibilities means you can relax.

Why wedding day insurance cover is so important - advice from SA Floristry and Veiled Productions at the Engage Weddings Wedding Planning Party.

Wedding day insurance by The Wedding Insurance Group

We recommend The Wedding Insurance Group to get you covered because you can trust them! Tailored wedding insurance is their speciality. They will be able to create a policy specifically to your needs. Ask lots of questions and check the terms and conditions whilst assessing different cover.

Anne Marie and Andrew Wedding - Bridal Preparations - Photography by Katrina Matthews Photography - Videography by Veiled Productions - Hanbury Manor Wedding Videographer | The importance of wedding day insurance to cover your day.

Photo thanks to Katrina Matthews Photography

The Wedding Insurance Group can advise on the best cover and what’s not included. We use them for business insurance specifically for wedding businesses and they’ve been brilliant.


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