Questions to ask your wedding videographer

Top questions to ask your videographer so you can be confident they will deliver exactly what you are looking for on your wedding day.

Important questions to ask your wedding videographer by Veiled Productions. Photo of Rachel in action thanks to Damien Vickers Photography.

How long do you stay for on the wedding day itself?

Some videographers offer packages based on the number hours of filming rather than the events of the day. I highly recommend checking what’s included so you are happy everything you want filmed will be covered. I always film from preparations until a minimum of an hour after the first dance.

Rachel and her trusty camera. Questions to ask your wedding videographer.

What edited films do we get?

This varies greatly from one videographer to the next. It’s worth double checking exactly what the edit films will look like and never make assumptions based on what someone else offers. I always include a full length film, a highlights film of the best bits and a sneak preview film 72 hours after the first dance.

How long do the films take you to edit?

Again, this will vary depending on who you talk to. In the height of summer the edit backlog can mount up. I also feel it’s important to take time editing the films so they are perfect. I deliver the sneak peek 72 hours after the wedding and then say it takes up to 10 weeks to edit the full length film and the highlights film.

Can we choose the music for the films ourselves?

I am always surprised when videographers say no to this question. Music is so personal and you want to watch your films back and smile. If they chose a song you didn’t like then it would certainly ruin the film.

For the full length film you can choose any song you like and I can get a licence to use it through PRS. The highlights film and sneak peek film I license songs through SongFreedom and with more and more popular songs becoming available you can definitely choose one you like.

How do you work with our photographer?

So often I hear of photographers and videographers having bad experiences – getting in each other’s way or trying to dictate certain moments. Being respectful of each other is crucial when photographers and videographers work together so asking this question will reassure you they will be.

Dos and don'ts for your wedding day - do have a confetti photo! Matt and Phillipa in amongst all the confetti by Veiled ProductionsDo you have public liability insurance?

Any professional supplier should have public liability insurance. It is very likely your venue will ask your suppliers for proof of cover just in case any accidents happen.

Do you charge additional costs for travel?

It’s important to factor any additional costs into your budget before signing any contracts. Double check what is included in the package and for full peace of mind ask for a quote in writing before fully committing.

Top questions to ask your wedding videographer before you book by Veiled Productions - fun, unique wedding films for modern, family focused couples.What happens if you are ill on the day?

The chances of this happening is low. It’s always better safe than sorry though! Asking this questions means you can feel reassured that they have a back up plan, should the worst happen.

Would you like us to provide a hot meal for you?

Often this isn’t considered but it’s an incredibly long day. A hot meal for your videographer and photographer will always be appreciated.

For me, it will depend on when you have the speeches. I don’t like to rush setting up the cameras for this important part of the day.

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