Advantages of having a second wedding videographer

You’re considering hiring a wedding videographer for your wedding but there’s lots of different styles and options to choose from. Today I’m talking about the benefits of hiring a second wedding videographer. This common extra to your wedding film package can make the world of difference to your wedding day memories captured on film.

A moment of laughter between Liz and Luke during their wedding ceremony - the advantages of having two videographers film your wedding - every moment will be captured. Photography and videography by Veiled Productions

Both of your preparations are filmed

If you follow the wedding tradition of not seeing each other during the morning of your wedding day then having two videographers is perfect! Often people get ready in different places from each other. Therefore one videographer isn’t able to capture both of you in the morning, aside from before the ceremony.

The Great Barn Wedding Videographer Veiled Productions - Christina and Dan's wedding - Christina reading a note from Dan whilst getting ready.

Having two videographers means the parts of the day you won’t experience together you can watch back after the day.

If you exchange gifts from each other in the morning then your reactions can be captured which is always wonderful to watch. For instance, during Genette and Mike’s wedding a few years ago (see their highlights film below), they exchanged gifts with each other and their wedding party. The reactions are great – particularly the flower girls and page boys!

Excitement, happy tears, laughter – these moments you will definitely treasure watching back in 20 years time!

Footage of the two of you plus your guests during the afternoon and evening receptions

During your wedding day there will be a lot going on! How often do you have 100 of your closest family and friends all in the same room? Combine that with the formalities, the photographs and eating all the delicious food, you’ll be surprised how quickly the day goes by and how much of the day you won’t actually see! Having a second videographer means the main videographer will capture all the moments between you whilst the second camera person can film your guests having an amazing day.

Your videographers can be more creative

A wedding day is incredibly busy. Solo videographers do everything themselves. From setting up the cameras and microphones for the formalities to capturing the details of your wedding venue. Depending on the schedule of the day, sometimes there isn’t much time between the ceremony and everyone sitting down for dinner. This is especially true if you are travelling from a church to your reception venue.

Having two wedding videographers means there is more time to capture you and your guests. We can get more creative and film some real wow-factor shots. On the day you won’t often see us doing this as you’ll be busy chatting to everyone. We promise it’s a great surprise when you watch the films back!

Different angles during the ceremony, speeches and first dance

Most professional wedding videographers will have multiple cameras filming the formalities. I use 3 during the ceremony, speeches and first dance – two on tripods and one that I man myself. This is great because it records reactions from family and friends and any readings or special performances. However, because 2 of the cameras are on tripods it can be a bit limiting in comparison to having a second person filming.

Choosing a wedding venue - our must have criteria. Lots of natural light for beautiful photograph and video footage.

Having a second manned camera means the person can react to things that happen during the ceremony, speeches and first dance.

Higher chance you can watch back moments you didn’t experience on the day

It’s always talked about but it’s true – the day really will fly by! There will be moments where you’re chatting to one group of guests and something else will be happening elsewhere. Having two videographers means there’s a higher chance you can watch back these moments that you didn’t experience on the day.

There is nothing like watching your family and friends having the best day celebrating the two of you! 

Children having fun during a wedding reception at The Great Barn Aynho - photography and videography by Veiled Productions


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