The Wedding Engraver – have your wedding rings engraved live during your ceremony!

I got to know Perry from The Wedding Engraver through the Wedding Pro Members Lounge run by Becca Pountney and as soon as I saw his idea I loved it! I had to know more so invited him to share everything about his business on our blog. Thank you so much Perry!

Perry The Wedding Ring Engraver looking through a magnifying glass whilst live engraving during a wedding ceremony.Wedding Ring Engraver – live engraving during your ceremony

Live engraving is amazing! How did you come up with the idea?

Thankyou, I’m glad you like the idea. I was an apprentice at the time and I’m not entirely sure how I came up with the idea. It just sprung up from nowhere in the middle of a conversation with a friend and the second I thought of it I knew it was something I needed to do. Unfortunately at the time I lacked the skills and confidence which take years to build up but now I’m a lot more experienced so The Wedding Engraver has launched!

Perry engraving wedding rings during a ceremony with wedding bouquet on the table

Photo thanks to Anna Ti Creates Photography

I bet there’s a lot of pressure! How long does it take on the day?

The engraving time really depends on what is being engraved. The marking on is always done before the ceremony starts and whatever I am engraving is carefully timed so it is finished shortly before the rings are ready to be collected by the ring bearer ready for the vows.

The Wedding Engraver hand engraving a wedding ring

 Photo courtesy of Katherine Y Photography

Wow, amazing planning and skill! Can the couple choose what they’d like engraved?

Yes. I offer a suggested inscription of the partners initials and date of their wedding in a nice script font but I also do short messages which could be an inside joke, a secret message for your partner, a nickname etc. I could even do fingerprints.

Perry the Wedding Engraver focused during live wedding ring engraving

Photo courtesy of Becky Harley Photography

That’s so special, I’d not thought of fingerprints – amazing! Whereabouts are you based?

I am based in Cambridgeshire but I am not limited to Cambridgeshire. I am happy to travel wherever my services are required.

Wedding date engraved on wedding rings ready for the ring exchange during the ceremony

Photo thanks to Red Peacock Photography

Perry The Wedding Engraver with his engraving tools in a leather pouch

Photos thanks to Anna Ti Creates Photography

Do you engrave other items or is it just rings?

I also engrave on necklaces and tie slides. I have three packages, two of which consist of supplying jewellery for guests and hand engraving the guests initials onto them live throughout the day. My gold package is for the bridal party and my platinum package includes up to 100 guests plus the bridal party. I have some recommended wedding ring suppliers too which I have carefully chosen based on their quality and reputation.

Perry engraving jewellery under a bright desk lamp during a wedding ceremony

Photo thanks to Becky Harley Photography

What’s been your favourite moment during your engraving to date?

My favourite moment throughout my engraving career must be meeting Princess Anne. I was so nervous at the time that I barely remember what happened. I did get to speak to her after the award presentation which I remember a bit more of. She was very friendly and really showed an interest in what I do.

Perry The Wedding Engraver meeting Princess Anne

Photograph supplied by the Palace for the awards

How much does it cost for the live engraving service?

I have three packages. For my silver package which is for live ceremony engraving the cost is £1,500 + VAT. I have a gold package which is the silver package plus 12 pieces of jewellery supplied and engraved live during the drinks reception for the bridal party for £3000 + VAT. My third package is the silver and gold packages plus 100 pieces of jewellery supplied and hand engraved throughout the entire day for guests which starts at £12,500 +VAT*. With every booking I also supply a complimentary desk seal which I will hand engrave myself with a deep seal engraving. My platinum package can also be used for corporate events so my services are not only limited to weddings.
*Prices correct at time of blog publication, subject to change

Perry at a wedding engraving the wedding rings live during the ceremony ready for the ring exchange

Photo thanks to Becky Harley Photography

What’s the best way for couples to contact you?

The best way to contact me would be the contact page through my website
I also have Instagram @theweddingengraveruk

Perry the wedding engraver with his engraving tools - live wedding ring engraving

 Photo courtesy of Katherine Y Photography

Thank you so much Perry, we hope one day to film you in action at a wedding ceremony!


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